Amazing whale jaw

Specific architectural graphics were created for the book Suprasensitivity In Architecture written by the Rotterdam architect Maurice Nio. They follow the unique catalog concept including theoretical and philosophical texts. Classical technical drawings should metamorphose into a narrative and associative illustration developing character of each project. Nio used to call every project by the original nickname. In the case of Hoofdorp bus station it`s Amazing whale jaw. However it could be interpreted in absolutely free manner. As the boulder worn by the footsteps or light of sights, intuitive result of the design process or like anything else. “Like the white face of a geisha, every opinion and image can be projected onto the building and it has no answers of its own.”In that line Hoofdorp station graphics bring ambiguous, indefinite presence that need to be explored. Motives of science, microbiology, organic growth, varies of landscape erosions, planet surfaces and technology freely connected to the significance of the drawing.

Client: NIO architecten
Output: 12 graphical sheets / 48 X 34 cm
Publisher: UITGEVERIJ DUIZEND & EEN / 1001 Publishers
Year: 2011/2012
Links: Book at Idea books , Book samples on fb page