Shuttle b exterior 2


Disney+ series set design

Jeep paris motor show viz 01

Jeep at Paris

Expozice pro Paris Motor Show

Stellantis display 01 d

Stellantis pavillon

Alfa Romeo, Lancia and DS display

 jd boat draft 01

Jack Daniels Boat

Bar boat at Prague riverside

Jackdaniels 02 a bardetail

Jack Daniels truck 2

Bar within the decomposable trailer

Zofin velky sal 04 catwalk detail bright01

Baťa 2019

Exposition and fashion show in Žofín Palace

Jack daniels truck web3

Jack Daniels truck

Bar within the decomposable trailer

Bata fashion weekend 2018 w

Baťa 2018

Milan Fashion Weekend exposition



Beijing Auto Show commercial stand

Captain morgan 001

Vivid Wrecks

Captain Morgan Festival tent

Bata fashion weekend slevarna

Baťa 2017

Prague Fashion Weekend exposition

Airstream lavazza web1

Lavazza Airstream

Mobile Café

01 ugo airstream bird prev


Mobile Freshbar

Vizhalfdetail postp

Ideal store

T-Mobile branches redesign | Author studio pha


Škoda Superb 3

Launch ceremony scenography