The product branding of the designer Andrea Fišarová`s dressing table was developed in the cooperation with the Cihelna concept store. The design of the table is minimal even close to the constructivism. But it has strong inner poetics and the romantical charm at the same time. Therefore I decided to make the graphic accompaniment abundant. I add the symbolic of the mirror as an magical or an occult item; as the gate to the other worlds or at least to perceive the dressing table as the piece of the furniture closely connect to the intimate dreaming. The name Bertram has it`s origin in the mytology. It was the raven of the fabulous Wodan - king of the gods. The table is being manufactured in three material options of the mirror frame and there is the special graphics for each of them. The primal part of the package is the mirror box including all of the neccessary technical documents and the product info. The original element is the inserted present card with the illustration.

Client: Cihelna Concept Store
Designer of the table : Andrea Fišarová
Stage: In use
Rok: 2017