Betty Blue

Specific architectural graphics were created for the book Suprasensitivity In Architecture written by the Rotterdam architect Maurice Nio. They follow the unique catalog concept including theoretical and philosophical texts. Classical technical drawings should metamorphose into a narrative and associative illustration developing character of each project. Nio used to call every project by the original nickname. In the case of this shopping centre it`s the Betty Blue. Human measure attractive shopping mall at the edge of Netherland town Roermond. Despite using modular construction system it results in something unique. Traditional well known low measure shopping in dutch city centre spread like the ice floes and regroups enigmatically to an archipelago on the city edge. New woman like attractive entity seduces inhabitants like the few valuable gemstones lost from a cargo next to the highway. But finally it offers familiar and safe environment.

Client: NIO architecten /
Output: 8 graphical sheets / 48 X 34 cm
Stage: Published
Year: 2011/2012