Vivid Wrecks

The intention of the project was the new innovative approach to the Captain Morgan brand. To push the effect closer to the contemporary look. The composition of the wreck looking U-elements is the essential principle. Fragments of broken the ship nose and stern ribbing create
thematical zones used for the bars, dj & dance zones, play zone and the free spaces for the movement of the visitors. Spatially colorful pirate island village with it`\s streets and squares. The size and the number of the "U-shapes" is variable and can be adapted to the given location.

Keywords: Ship wrecks, openness, airiness, contemporary look, Burning Man, polycentricity, post-apocalypic but poppy at the same time.

Location: Mobile tend, openair festivals
Client: Captain Morgan
Production: Advanced Production s.r.o.,
Stage: Draft
Year: 2018