Škoda Superb 3

Three options of the scenography for the Škoda Auto last model launch ceremony followed the topics of the production concepts. Proposal had to consider the schedule of the ceremony and technical solution of it`s parts.

1] Symphony - The evolution of car design as the complex synthesis. Everything works perfectly as in the well coordinated orchestra. Light tulle sculpture shaped by the hanging system is floating above the stage. Projected mapping creates effects of mysterious movements within the waved matter. 2] New reality - it is considered mainly as the evening social event; phantasy in the similar vein as renaissance garden festival. The statues of girl dancers placed randomly "in the garden" come alive and recite thematical mottos. as the prelude before the great final when perfect automobile being of the new generation swoops down from somewhere. 3] Technology - Constructivist cubic installation refers to the simplicity and efficiency of the technology. Dynamical choreography of the dancers associates the elements of the perfectly working machine.

Location: Fórum Karlín
Client: Škoda Auto, Advanced Production s.r.o.
Stage: Production tender
Year: 2015