Design of small tea shop located in the prague functionalist passage Broadway. It primarily follows the original dominant element of the space - the circular skylight. As the light does the wooden slat structure organically flows down to the floor and harmonizes orderless disposition to the smooth compact shape. It creates biomorphic chamber space. The individual elements are made of Multiplex, thickness 21mm, birch veneer and it`s local shaping creates the sitting bay and it`s used as the system grid for Dilmah products presentation either. The floor system is squeegee-grade microtopping in anthracite color. The minimalist furniture doesn`t competes with meditative ambience inside of the tea cave.

Location: Prague, Celetná 38, passage Broadway
Client: Espresso s.r.o
Author: studio pha
Participation: Co-author
Stage: realized
Year: 2014

Note: Honorable mention by The Czech Chambre of Architects (Grand Prix 2015)