Dark monks

Proposal freely follows on the intensive shaping of the classical-baroque Palazo Serbelloni; exclusively intended for the Lasvit exposition. The Essential aspect of the installation is to provide the individual space to the light sculptures and to solve the bearing construction. We`ve chosen the typical architectural form of the apse or niche. The common element used to create appropriate background for the statues, altars or for another central objects. It defines the boundaries for every light and works as the bearing system at the same time. Placement in the hall is proposed at random composition and it could remind the baroque ball. Mysterious dark figures decorated by the precious jewelry are moving at the dance floor and watching themselves in the large „Louis style looking“ mirrors. The fuller geodesy domes use the steel construction finished by the black barrisol. Sharply cut surfaces associates the relationships with the tradition of the czech cut glass but with the cubistic shaping either. Where you can see the continuity on the baroque principles

Client: Lasvit
Location: Palazzo Serbelloni, Milan design week 2016
Stage: Realized
Author: studio pha
Participation: Co-Author
Contractor: CS Lyon Praha Barrisol
Photography: Filip Šlapal
Year: 2016