ESA Plating s.r.o. utilizes the many years of experience of its professional staff in the implementation of final deliveries of galvanic technology. It specializes primarily in supplying technologically intensive sectors of the engineering industry. With priority is the aerospace industry and its related sectors. Industrial grounds are mainly defined by the areas of the production halls and the necessary utility of a haulage. Despite this we tried to create distinctive urbanism, fair to the "green field"in the not delectable area of the Světlá nad Sázavou periphery. Proposal follows presumed staging of the construction. The core is created by the administrative building - simple cubic three storeyed object. The cube in the middle as the logistic central by it`s area 12X12 meters defines the overall grid. Representative space of the yard with it`s connection to the client parking opens to the main street line. Dominant facade with it`s straightforward aesthetics associates engineering focus of the company. The building backzone is considered as the operating one. It`s used as the trucks turnabout, haulage service and the employees parking.

Location: Světlá nad Sázavou, Czech rep.
Client: ESA Plating s.r.o.
Stage: Study, in progress
Year: 2015